In WP Worx, we offer you all the services related to your blogging life starting from the very basics reaching advanced levels of services needed for a better blogging experience.

Custom-made WordPress blogs:

What we look for in WP Worx is a tailor-made blog that speaks your vision and personality./Nothing can portray your vision and personality better than a tailor-made blog, this is what WP Worx stands for. We understand your needs, your topic and what you’re looking for and then we translate all of your thoughts into a piece of art that best reflects your image and yourself properly and professionally.


You may have your own technical team that can develop the blog of your dreams within a couple of days, but what we at WP Worx do is not only provide you with the technical side of it, but we will also help you in setting a proper strategy on how to capture the attention of your readers and how to convert your traffic into $$$.
Consultation also includes; how to market your blog, how to proper name it and how to set the over all strategy of it before even registering the domain name.

One-on-one training sessions:

Still having a hard time dealing with WordPress? Don’t you worry, we will be more than happy to walk you through it till it becomes a piece of cake to you.

WordPress Installation:

If you have already purchased a theme for your WordPress blog and you can’t wait to start your blogging journey, you need to make sure that you have also installed WordPress and all the needed plugins. If you have not, we will install it for you immediately and will make sure your theme is well configured and running smooth with all needed plugins.

Blog face-lift:

Not happy with your current blog’s look and feel? Think it needs a facelift? We will do the job in giving you the image you need and want that would appeal to you and your readers. We will change its colors, layout, functionality and anything there is to be done to improve its appearance.

The above mentioned services are just a few. If you are looking for different services, you can easily contact us with what it is you are looking for through our FREE Quotation form!